End the Slavery Amendment PAC

We will put a stop to the "People's Rights Amendment"

Our Five Points of Reason:

  1. The "People's Rights" amendment proposed by lower House rep Jim McGovern explicitly takes away the rights of corporate personhood.
  2. The 14th amendment of the US constitution is the amendment from which corporations get their power of personhood.
  3. The 13th amendment is the right given by the government that prevents the unreasonable incarceration, indentured servitude and enslavement of the citizens of the United States. 
  4. The loophole is gained when a corporation, by losing it's rights guaranteed by the 13th amendment, among others, is then subject to the jurisdiction of an autocrat, or CEO, or mayor, or president, who then procedes to enact corporate laws which enslave the incorporated entity. The corporation then acts as a shield and the corporate employees or citizens of incorporated townships are forthmore subject to the laws and rules of the corporation via the contract clause of the constitution, such as an incorporated business or township.
  5. This amends the constitution and the courts must side with the constitution, and therefore, we are subject to a real possibility of slavery.

In other words, there is too much popular support for a very bad amendment. Donate Today to raise awareness of this issue before we can't anymore!

End the Slavery Amendment PAC is a subsidiary of Best Party USA

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The Cato Institute

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